The Professional Sports Music Association (PSMA) was founded in 2013 with the advent of the inaugural symposium in Seattle, hosted by the Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline.  The goals of the PSMA are:

1.  To ensure that music ensembles that are affiliated with professional sports are delivering the highest quality entertainment for the fans of our respective franchises.  We collaborate at the annual symposium to share ideas and coach each other to avoid similar pitfalls and achieve excellence in all aspects of our craft.

2. To recognize hard working members and ensembles via annual, publicized groups:   NFL "All-Pro" and NBA "All-Star" Drumlines; an "Ensemble of the Year"; and a PSMA "All-Star Band" will be added in 2017.

3.  Be a resource network for connecting music group directors, team representatives, current and future members, corporate partners, and equipment vendors.

John Ziemann and Keith Rousu

2015 PSMA Honoree John "Z" Ziemann, Band President of Baltimore's Marching Ravens.  Z was selected for a lifetime achievement award to recognize his 53 (and counting) years of service to the Baltimore Colts and Ravens bands.

PSMA Chairman Keith Rousu presented the award, to an unsuspecting Z, at a Ravens home game in December of 2015. 

The Professional Sports Music Association board is:

Adam Hill - Chicago Bulls Stampede

Brandon Estes - Chicago Bears Drumline

Keith Rousu - Chairman - Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline and Seattle Sounders FC Sound Wave Band

Vincent Wallace - Pittsburgh Steelers Steeline